Tasmania is well known for its amazing Mountains and Wild adventures. However, If you want to see the small wonderland you must visit its beaches. One of the most unique among many beaches is Turners Beach. This tiny settlement area of Tasmania offers breathtaking greenery, sky blue water, and golden sand beaches. Turners beach undoubtedly is among the most beautiful and must-visit places in the world.

Key Visitor Information for Turners Beach

Directions to Turners Beach

The town is placed equidistant between two major cities, Devonport and Ulverstone. The area is just near the western mouth of Bass highway. This little town is on the River Forth located opposite village Leigh. The beach extends from the Claytons Rivulet to River Forth. The place is 8 meters above sea level. 

Tasmania is an island state, to get there, you either have to go by air or by sea. Departures are available from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and other major cities. You can either get there by bus or by car. From Devonport, Turners Beach is on a 45-minute bus drive.

Weather at Turners Beach 

The summer season at Turners Beach is in the months of December and February. Summers can also be cooler in Australia.  In those months, average daily temperatures go up to 19- 21 degrees celsius. At night, the temperature can go down to an average of 9.6-11 degrees celsius. So, you must consider the temperature and wear appropriate clothing. 

June, July, and August are considered to be the winter months. In the winter, the temperature goes up to 12,2 degrees Celsius during the day and the minimum average night temperature is 3,6 degrees celsius. Winters can be chilly and windy.

In comparison to the rest of Australia, the weather at Turners Beach has lower day and night temperatures and wind speed. However, rainfalls are more often and the humidity is higher.

Best Known for

Turners Beach Tasmania

Turners Beach is considered to be one of the smallest towns in Australia. The place is best known for its beautiful shore of Bass Strait. You would deep dive into the blue scenery of the sea and feel wild freedom while walking barefooted in the golden sand. 

The main thing you can do on Turners Beach is swim in the summer season. The place is just treacherous for the surfers. It is not often that beaches have rivers that flow into the sea. River Fort flowing in the sea is truly an astonishing thing.  Good news For fishing lovers, there are some great fishing spots in the area. 

History of Turners Beach

Turners Beach is a small residential area located on the north coast of Tasmania. The population of the area is 1715 people (2016) First European Settlers are recorded to arrive here in 1840.

Originally, the place was known as Scott’s Beach. It was named after the Scott family. They were operating four mills in the area. Later on, In 1961,  the residential area was renamed to honor the Harry Vincent Glengyle Turner. By the end of the Second World War, the place had already formed the streets. The Beach area turned slowly into a town in 1961. 

Attractions & Things to do in Turners Beach 

Turners Beach Berry Patch 

Turners Beach Berry Patch offers varieties of activities and has a uniquely friendly atmosphere. The place is open from 9 in the morning, to 5 pm. The Berry Farm is a small shop and cafe. During the season, you can pick berries. The cafe offers very unique and fresh food. For example, they make ice creams from the real fruit and cook the pizza on wood fires. Visitors can either pick their own berry or buy it pre-picked from their little farm shop. Berry Patch offers family-friendly things to do. Including exploring the hay maze, and taking pictures with the horse and a cart. 

Gables Park

If you want to see some historical and cultural places, you must visit Gables park. Gables Park is the historical private residence of Turners Beach. The place was built in 1850 and it was also known to be “The Sailors Return Inn”. The story says that the bushrangers robbed it in 1853 and took the owner’s boat, aiming to sail the Bass Strait. Eventually, they were caught and brought back to Tasmania.

Forth River Railway Bridge

The Forth River Railway bridge was built in 1885. It is considered to be one of the oldest movable bridges in Australia. The unusual thing about it is that it was originally designed for only railway use. The bridge is not functioning today, but it remains to be an interesting tourist attraction.

Things to do near Turners Beach

Braddon’s Lookout 

If you want to see the amazing view of the Coast and hinterland, you must go to Braddon’s Lookout. Lookout is located on the upper side of Forth Road. When the clouds are clear, you can even see Cradle mountain from there. The name Lookout came from Sir Edward Nicholas Coventry Braddon. 

Leven Canyon

Following Turner beach and across the Bass highway, there you will see the not very famous Leven Canyon. Even though it is not a well-known destination, it is truly worth seeing it. You can get there easily by following the signs that say “Leven Canyon”. The canyon has a depth of 250 meters and a beautiful corridor of wildlife. 


When you visit Turners Beach, you must go to the beautiful town Forth. Which is just 10 kilometers away. If you want to see what a typical, small Tasmanian town looks like, definitely have to put Forth in must-see destinations. The place is one of the oldest settlements and offers a scenic view.

Historic Bridge Hotel

Historic Bridge Hotel is located in the small town of Forth. Here, you can feel and see the true spirit of Tasmania. The old Atmosphere and charm will eventually steal your heart. It is one of the oldest buildings in town and has been open since 1872. The building is heritage-listed and still offers country-cooked local cuisine.

Accommodation at Turners Beach 

Absolute Paradise Beach House

Absolute Paradise Beach house is located near the shore of Turners Beach. Beach houses offer accommodation to people according to the budget that they have. House is two stories and has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. In total, the Beach house can receive 16 people. The average cost of the room is $130 per night, or they can offer pay per person. If there is a minimum of 10 people, each has to pay $25 a night.

Amare Beachside Luxury

Amare Beachside Luxury hotel is a very good way to make your stay memorable. It offers great comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. The hotel offers direct access to the beach. It offers express check-in and check-out, free breakfast, and individually furnished rooms with private yards. Prices vary and are around $200 per night. 

Forth River Cottage

Forth River Cottage is a small but very beautiful accommodation in the Forth Valley. It offers barbecue facilities and has a very beautiful garden. Guests can enjoy the calmness and beautiful mountain views. The cottage has a one-bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen, and bathroom. The cost of staying in this small wonderland is around $190 per night.