For a small village on the east coast of Tasmania, Bicheno offers so much for tourists. It’s a beach-town at heart, but the village offers enough depth to keep visitors staying here for a few days, even a week.

Apart from enjoying the amazing beaches, there are many things to do in Bicheno, such as enjoying penguin and animal sightings, visiting wineries and enjoying the best food on the east coast, particularly seafood.

Key Travel Information

Getting to Bicheno

Bicheno village and beaches

Bicheno is on Tasmania’s east coast, roughly two-thirds of the way up. The drive from Hobart to Bicheno is approximately 2.5 hours (182km), following the Tasman Highway up the coast. Realistically the drive will take you much longer, as one you pass Orford there’s lots of amazing coastline to see. In the second half of this drive you’ll also come across some fine vineyards such as Devils Corner.

If you’re already on the east coast it’s quite reachable with the drive from Swansea to Bicheno only 45 minutes (50km) and St Helens to Bicheno 1 hour (72km).

Launceston to Bicheno is a 2 hour (166km) drive, heading south on the Midlands Highway until Campbell Town, where you’ll head east along the Lake Leake Highway and join onto the Tasman Highway.


Bicheno is on the sunny side of Tasmania, pack your sun and sunscreen and enjoy. However, remember that Tasmania can be a windy place, and on the east coast you’re often quite exposed.

Average summer temperature is 22 degrees celsius

Average autumn temperature is 19 degrees celsius

Average winter temperature is 14 degrees celsius

Average spring temperature is 17 degrees celsius

Best Known for

A great coastal holiday destination enjoyed equally by Tasmanians as well as interstate and overseas travellers. Beaches, penguins and a number of other eco-tourism opportunities.

Things to do & See in Bicheno

The village of Bicheno is surrounded by large, white sandy beaches and rocky boulders. It’s easy to navigate and has a nice laid back feel that’s typical of east coast Tasmania. Take a short climb to the top of Whalers Lookout to take in the views of the immediate coastline of Denison Beach. The beach is a great place for a long stroll, for swimming, fishing, family time, and in calmer conditions kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. On the east side of the village you can also enjoy the high splashes of water from Bicheno Blowhole.

There are also many great wineries at Bicheno and along the east coast of Tasmania. The east coast was one of the earlier regions to achieve success in wines, which helped cement Tasmania’s reputation as a producer of fine wines and led to further growth throughout the state.

Bicheno Blowhole

Bicheno Blowhole erupting water
Bicheno Blowhole. Image source: Daivinandleah

The Bicheno Blowhole is a natural phenomenon comprising of a hole in the rocky coastline that allows water to forcefully shoot out during high tide.

The blowhole is created by the erosion of the volcanic rock that makes up the coast, and is constantly changing shape and size due to the forces of the sea. It is a popular tourist attraction and can be reached by a short walk from the town center

Visitors can view the blowhole from a safe distance, but should be careful as the area around the blowhole can be slippery and dangerous. It is a unique and natural feature of the Tasmanian coastline that is worth seeing.

Whalers Lookout Scenic reserve

Whalers Lookout, Bicheno

Whalers Lookout Scenic Reserve is a nature reserve that offers panoramic views of the ocean, and it is a popular spot for observing marine wildlife such as whales and dolphins. The reserve is also home to a variety of bird species and other wildlife, making it a popular destination for birdwatching and nature photography. The reserve offers a number of walking trails, including an easy-to-walk path to Whalers lookout, a platform that provides views of the ocean and the surrounding coastline. The lookout is also a great spot to watch the sunset. 

Redbill Beach

Redbill Beach Bicheno
Image source: VirtualWolf

Redbill Beach is a popular destination located in the town of Bicheno, on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. The beach is known for its white sandy shore, clear blue waters and stunning coastal views. It is a great place to swim, sunbathe, or simply relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The beach is also a popular spot for fishing, with a variety of fish species that can be caught from the shore or by boat.

Waubs Beach

Waubs Beach is a small, picturesque destination located only a short walk from the hotels and accommodation in Bicheno. The beach is known for its clear blue waters, white sandy shore, and stunning coastal views. The area around Waubs beach is surrounded by a natural reserve, which makes it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. The beach is also a great place for swimming and sunbathing, as well as fishing and picnicking. Visitors should note that there are no amenities or facilities on the beach and it can only be accessed by a short walking trail.

East Coast Natureworld & Devils in the Dark

East Coast Natureworld Bicheno
Image source: Amanderson2

This isn’t a park where animals are kept in small cages and enclosures. East Coast Natureworld is a vast area, spread across 150 acres of natural bush and lagoons. It’s suitable for everyone with accessible paths for wheelchairs and prams. Enjoy native animals such as Cockatoos, Wallabies, Wombats and Tasmanian Devils.

One of the best things to do in Bicheno is experience Devils in the Dark. You’ll get to visit during the evening and watch the Tasmanian Devils roam and interact while enjoying a glass of wine and a cheese platter.


The sand dunes of the Bicheno beaches are nesting grounds for a number of penguins who swim to the beach and waddle up to the sand dunes each night. It’s a truly remarkable site, however it’s important that visitors remember to view from a safe distance and avoid shining bright torches, camera flashes or loud noises.

Bicheno Penguin Tours can take you to see the penguins in a small group, providing an intimate experience without disturbance.

Bicheno Glass Bottom Boat

Operating during the warmer months of September to April, the Bicheno Glass Bottom Boat is a great way to get close and see underwater creatures in their natural habitat without getting wet. It’s the only glass bottom boat tour in Tasmania and provides visitors the chance to see stingrays, starfish, squid and even some seals. The guide Maitreya is very passionate and knowledgeable, providing tourists of all ages with fascinating insights. The groups are small, so there are no crowds and everyone can enjoy the scenery.

Wineries & Distilleries

Freycinet Vineyards

Freycinet Vineyards

Freycinet Vineyards was one of these early pioneers, planting their first vines in 1979 and is now into their second generation of family management. Drop in for a wine tasting, it’s a nice relaxing spot known for excellent service and looking after guests well.

The Farm Shed East Coast Wine

If you want to sample all the wines Bicheno and Tasmania’s east coast has to offer, come to The Farm Shed East Coast Wine Centre. There are more than 90 wines here from 22 wineries. It’s a great place with natural yet modern architecture. You can also choose from Tasmanian whisky and gin.

Best Places to Eat in Bicheno

One of the best things to do in Bicheno is eat, for a small village there are so many great places to eat here! For great pizza, pasta, burgers and seafood, try Food and Brew. For seafood try the Lobster Shack Tasmania, Sealife Restaurant and Cafe, or Tasmanian Coastal Seafoods. For great cafe food and ice cream, try The Pondering Frog.

Little Bay Patisserie

Little Bay Patisserie Bicheno

Little Bay Patisserie in Bicheno, Tasmania is a charming bakery known for its delicious pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. The food here is of a real high standard, think a mix of french patisserie with a modern artisan style twist. The patisserie offers a variety of baked goods made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients, making it a popular stop for locals and tourists alike.

Food and Brew

Burgers at Food and Brew in Bicheno

Great coffee, wood fired pizza, burgers, steak sandwiches, fish and chips and more. Friendly, laid back atmosphere and outstanding food has made this place popular with both tourists and locals.

Lobster Shack Tasmania

Seafood platter at The Lobster Shack Tasmania in Bicheno

The Lobster Shack offers fresh seafood caught off their boat only metres from the cafe. Grab a lobster roll and chips or try some other local seafood such as oysters or prawns. This is also a great place to have a glass or wine or some ice cream and admire the view.

Sealife Restaurant and Cafe

This restaurant has been renovated recently and has a stunning dining room with great water views. Enjoy seafood and modern Australian cuisine for lunch or dinner.

Best Accommodation in Bicheno

For accommodation, Sandpiper Ocean Cottages and Bicheno by the Bay have great simple, but clean and highly rated cabins with water views. Diamond Island Resort is also a popular option, and offers a free private penguin viewing show at night for guests.

Sandpiper Ocean Cottages 

Sandpiper Ocean Cottages have a range of 2-3 bedroom self contained cottages in and surrounding Bicheno. Some of these are situated in nice bush surroundings but only a short walk to the beach. ‘The Beach House’ is situated on a 40 hectare block with beach views and its own beach access.

Bicheno by the Bay

Bicheno by the Bay is a self-contained family accommodation located in Bicheno, Tasmania. It offers a range of accommodation options, including 19 bungalows and 5 motel rooms, all of which are situated right on the ocean front in the heart of town. Bicheno by the Bay is situated on 8 acres of coastal bush land, offering a tranquil and peaceful setting. Four of the motel rooms are located in a quiet area overlooking a man-made lake and offer tranquil views of the water and gum trees. The units also have various decks from which to enjoy the surroundings.

Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park

Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park is situated across from the beach and shops, with restaurants a short walk away. The park provides guests with a modern facility block with amenities like a laundry, children’s playground, barbecue area, and a recreation room with a table tennis table and TV. The blue deluxe cabins and the cottage have air-conditioners with reverse-cycle capabilities.

Things to do near Bicheno

There are many things to do near Bicheno as it’s placed approximately in the middle of the east coast tourist strip. Drive south and you’ve got beaches and hiking at Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park. Keep driving a bit further south and there are a number of vineyards, you could do a trip solely visiting wineries (with a designated driver of course).

If you’re heading north, you’ll continue following amazing beaches and coastline through Scamander and Beaumaris, which are great places if you want somewhere quiet to enjoy long white beaches and stunning views. St Helens is a great place to base yourself while exploring the northern end of the east coast, taking in the orange granite boulders of the Bay of Fires National Park.