Often when people think about beach towns in the north of Tasmania, they think of places like Bridport and Boat Harbour. These places are great, but sometimes the quieter, lesser known beach towns can offer greater enjoyment. Lulworth is one of these towns.

Lulworth on Tasmania’s northern coastline, is a great place to escape tourists, city life and enjoy the quiet beachside life. Enjoy it while you can, it can’t stay this untouched forever. There are many things to do in Lulworth such as surfing, fishing, golf and whisky tasting.

Key Travel Information for Lulworth

Getting to Lulworth

If you’re driving from Launceston to Lulworth, it’s a 45 minute, 58 kilometre drive. Head north out of Launceston along the East Tamar Highway, then turn right onto Dalrymple Road, right onto Industry Road, right onto Bridport Road, left onto Weymouth Road, then left onto Tam O’Shanter Road.

Lulworth Weather

The weather in Lulworth is pleasant and enjoyable for most of the year. Without regularly reaching extreme heat or cold, the weather here is pretty comfortable. Being a Tasmanian coastal town, wind is common but fortunately Black Rock Point at the western end of Tam O’Shanter Bay shelters Lulworth from the full extent of Bass Strait winds.

  • Average summer weather is 22 degrees celsius 
  • Average autumn weather is 18 degrees celsius
  • Average winter weather is 13 degrees celsius
  • Average spring weather is 16 degrees celsius

Best Known for

Lulworth is best known as a quiet place to getaway and enjoy the beach, surfing, fishing, or golf, without the crowds.

Things to do in Lulworth

Lulworth Beach

Facing north onto the beautiful Tam O’Shanter Bay is Lulworth Beach. This beautiful 1.6 kilometre beach has wide sands which are great to walk on or lie down and relax on a warm day.

The western end is calmer and has some shelter from the winds, provided by Black Rock Point. The eastern end is more exposed and can offer moderately sized waves for surfing. Rips can occur here when the waves are larger so be careful. Some surfers will also try and catch a left hand point break off the Black Rock Point Rocks. There are no surf lifeguards on patrol at this beach, so care must be taken at all times. 

Fannys Beach

East of Lulworth Beach, you’ll find Fannys Beach. This is a smaller, 300 metre long curve-shaped beach with a more narrow strip of sand, and an adjacent smaller 200 metre beach. The beach was named after a boat called ‘Fanny’ which blew onto the beach rocks in 1844.

The western point sticks out a bit more and provides more shelter from western waves, making this a great option for those days when Lulworth Beach is too windy and wavy. The beautiful, undeveloped coastline of both of these beaches makes it nice to walk, take photos and admire. Like Lulworth Beach, Fannys Beach is unpatrolled.

Fannys Bay Whisky Distillery

Tasmania has a great name for boutique whisky, with Fannys Bay Whisky Distillery recently becoming recognised as an excellent up-and-coming maker of whiskies. This distillery is a small, artisanal type, don’t expect fancy equipment and mass-produced numbers of bottles. The focus is on quality, which means those who make the trip here are generously rewarded.

The whisky is made using the traditional Scottish method and has been described as smooth, mature, full palate with a hint of the nearby coastal Tassie water to let you know that it’s from somewhere fresh.

Keep your eyes peeled, they do regular events such as a world whisky day dinner, whisky tastings, and tasting boat cruises.

Tam O’Shanter Golf Course

The Tam O’Shanter Golf Course is a nine green, eighteen hole 5300 metre long course just behind the sand dunes and village of Lulworth. Tasmania’s north coast has many great golf courses, while this may not have the prestigious reputation of Barnbougle, it’s still a great place to play and highly reputable in the Tasmanian golf community. The clubhouse is also known for putting on a great, pub-style dinner.

Fishing for Gummy Sharks

Lulworth is known as the best place in Northern Tasmania to catch Gummy Sharks. Many of the nearby beaches such as Weymouth are too shallow for this type of fish. Flathead can also be good here from mid-December to the end of January.