Have landscape and architecture always held a place in your heart? If yes, then New Norfolk in Tasmania is one of the places that should be marked from your bucket list. If not, you wouldn’t want to miss any good places. 

There are many things to do in New Norfolk Tasmania such as visiting the old famous antique shops, trying gourmet food, taking a kayak tour, visiting historic churches, staying at riverside luxury accommodation and exploring the Derwent Valley.

Key Visitor Information for New Norfolk

Direction to New Norfolk

New Norfolk is a diversified town in the Derwent Valley, situated along the banks of the majestic Derwent River and some 40 minutes by car north of Hobart. Since early Australian immigrants called it home, New Norfolk has epitomised an authentic reflection of the Tasmanian way of life.

Image source: Tourism Tasmania & Geoff Murray

Weather at New Norfolk

The weather in New Norfolk is mostly pleasant and slightly warmer than most parts of Tasmania, with the exception of winter when it’s slightly colder than Hobart and many coastal areas.

Average summer temperature is 23 degrees celsius.

Average autumn temperature is 18 degrees celsius.

Average winter temperature is 11 degrees celsius.

Average spring temperature is 18 degrees celsius

Best known for

Antique shop in New Norfolk Tasmania
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Since New Norfolk is a historic town and antiquity, the antique industry has gained popularity and potential, and as the industry booms around the town, it became the antique capital of Tasmania, the first and foremost Drill Hall Antiques on Stephen Street. It became a rival with the Willow Court Antiques, being the most significant antique center in the town. Some tourists say it is the largest in Australia.

History of New Norfolk

Derwent River in New Norfolk Tasmania
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The region around New Norfolk was first explored in 1793. It is Tasmania’s third oldest colony and was founded following the closing of Norfolk Island as a prison in 1807 and the migration of the island’s people. As a result, the town is known as New Norfolk.

Denis McCarty, a prisoner turned police officer, erected the first residence in the neighborhood in 1807. By the end of 1808, McCarty was in command of roughly 500 persons who had migrated to the New Norfolk region. Between 1811 through 1825, the settlement was renamed Elizabeth Town when Governor Lachlan Macquarie named it after his wife. Locals have changed the name back to New Norfolk in 1825.

Things to do at New Norfolk 

Take a Kayak Tour on the Derwent River

Kayak tours on Derwent River in New Norfolk Tasmania
Kayak tours on Derwent River in New Norfolk Tasmania
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The river running through New Norfolk towards Hobart is a beautiful, relaxing place. It’s calm has nice scenery on both sides such as trees, farmlands, rolling hills and the odd historic property. Tour operators such as Tassie Bound Adventure tours offer guided tours of this beautiful area.

Most Ancient Anglican Church In Australia

New Norfolk has few of the most aged constructions in Australia, so if you’re investigating the metropolis, it is value beautiful moment of truth to glimpse inside the pioneering Australian record. New Norfolk has the most ancient Anglican Church in Australia, the Anglican Church of St. Matthews, and innate 1823. The city likewise holds individual of the eldest pubs in Australia, the Bush Inn, steadily authorized because 1825. The Bush Inn is widely thought expected frequented and has an appealing experience, namely value surveying all along with your visit

The Church of St. Matthews

The Church of St. Matthews is situated opposite Arthur Square, and despite bearing any alterations during the 1800s, most of the church is original, and the tainted-jar casements are indeed completely cute to view. Willow Court was initially buxom as a field hospital in the late 1820s to family invalid convicts. In the 1830s, the construction was extended because maybe used to the family the unwell in mind from across the community. The name Willow Court emanated two together emeralds in color timbers cultivated on the location by Lady Jane Franklin, the bride of Governor John Franklin the one was administrator of Van Diemen’s Land ‘tween 1836 and 1843.

Willow Court

Willow Court in New Norfolk Tasmania
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Willow Court conducted as an organization as far as 2000, making it the most aged mental institution in Australia and the individual of the best asylums in the Southern Hemisphere. Today the Willow Court complex apartment’s antique stores, a diner, a temporary, a café, and a narrow society advertise on Sundays. It is a fascinating place to visit, and the houses and complex are entirely appealing.

If you love relics, you’ll be so satisfied you haunted New Norfolk. From pioneering to cunning deco term, you’ll understand to find entity perfect for your aim attention at individual of ordinary people antique and collectible stores spotted through the city. Even if you’re not an expert, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself tense in these stores; they are indeed valued communicable a look!

Things to do near New Norfolk

Derwent River in New Norfolk Tasmania
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After exploring and experiencing the wonderful New Norfolk, why not visit Mt. Field National Park to witness the magnificent Russell Falls? Include in that bucket list Cultural and Theme Tours at the Norfolk Chronicles Museum. And if you’re feeling a little fancy, then The Spirit of Norfolk Signature Lunch Cruise on the Elizabeth River is the way to go.

Derwent Valley

For those, the one is not stout drinkers possibly unexpected that the Derwent Valley and New Norfolk have happened main to hops increasing in Australia because the 1860s. Driving a short habit northwest of New Norfolk, you’ll be amazed by one appealing field of hops and their odd oven buildings used to dry and process the hops before being captured to local breweries. This region of Tasmania is still highly central to the hops increasing manufacturing in Australia.

Salmon Ponds

A few summaries northward of New Norfolk are the local of Plenty that families the Salmon Ponds. The Salmon Ponds is Australia’s most old crescent, and dark trout farm, wonderfully huddled among raised animals’ flowers; the perfect place to excursion and savor the plant life of the region. Back towards Hobart on the Boyer side of the penal institution is the Australian Newsprint Mills This great industrialized mill is a controlling home on the penal institution and has existed active because 1941. Using wood to establish something impressive, the shop is aware of the current operation of the district on the 20th and 21st days.

Even if you only have a brief period, New Norfolk is the perfect stop in transit at Mt. Field National Park or through to the west coast from Hobart.


New Norfolk has a spectrum of accommodation options, including lodge and cottage accommodation, glamping, and grand historic homesteads with luxury accommodation and hotel/motels. You are positively spoiled for choice when it comes to immersing yourself in the history of this area.

The Shingles Riverside Cottages

The Shingles Riverside Cottages Accommodation New Norfolk Tasmania
Image source: Veronica Youd

This accommodation is situated in a stunning waterfront location on the banks of the Derwent River. Accommodations are said to have self-contained studios and cottages that are among the 2-acre peaceful landscaped gardens. This location is rated “Superb” by its 187 reviewers.

Rosendale Stables

Rosendale Stables is located in New Norfolk itself. This accommodation features terraces. The property is at most 39 km from Hobart and it provides free private parking for those who are intending to stay in and lounge. The location is “Exceptional” and has 30 good reviews from those who have tried their services.

New Norfolk Holiday Apartments

This location offers accommodation in New Norfolk. As shown on the map, it is as near as 1.8 km from New Norfolk’s Centre and the catch is it has an open venue for afternoon coffees or teas – whichever you fancy.

Base Camp Tasmania

Labeled as a “Travel Sustainable Property”, Base Camp Tasmania offers accommodation in Glenfern, where Hobart is only 49 km away from the main property. It has 88 “Exceptional Reviews” and by the looks of it, this one is the coziest among the top 5 accommodations.

The Woodbridge Tasmania

If you’re looking for somewhere very near the Town Centre, then this location suits you best. The Woodbridge Tasmania is only 1 km away from the Centre. The accommodation is given by the wonderful Derwent River and the Riverside Gardens. This accommodation also offers a 5-star suite in a convict-built which was a restored 1825 Georgian Mansion.