If you’re planning a worthwhile trip in Tasmania, Eggs and Bacon Bay may be what you are looking for. Situated within a quiet, cute and cosy part of the Huon Valley, this is one of southern Tasmania’s best hidden beaches.

Key Visitor Information for Eggs and Bacon Bay

Directions To Eggs And Bacon Bay

Eggs and Bacon Bay is usually visited by locals in the Huon Valley looking for a beach, or day trippers from Hobart. The drive from Hobart to Eggs and Bacon Bay takes one hour and is 58km long. This is an easy and scenic drive. Follow the Channel Highway heading south out of Hobart and stick to this road until you reach Woodbridge. At Woodbridge take a right onto Woodbridge Hill Road until you reach Gardners Bay where you’ll take a left onto Channel Highway (2 Channel Highways, confusing I know!). Follow this for a few minutes until you reach Randalls Bay Road on your right. Follow Randalls Bay Road for about 2 minutes until you reach Eggs and Bacon Bay.

Weather at Eggs And Bacon Bay

In Eggs and Bacon Bay summers are cozy and pleasant, and winters are chilly and humid. It is most likely to be breezy and gloomy year-round.

The best time to visit Eggs and bacon bay for warm weather and to enjoy summer activities is from early January to early March. During the early months of the year, you are in all likelihood, to experience fine weather. Weather that seems to be pleasing and gratifying would fall between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees celsius,  where you can enjoy warm-weather activities. 

Best Known For

Australia’s love for bacon is beyond what you think. Australia even named a spot for Eggs and Bacon on its map! 

The rolling hills of Huon Valley are some of the most beautiful landscapes. Around November and December, a wildflower that covers the slopes above the bay is what they call “eggs-and-bacon”. A flower member from a pea family is named for its rich yellow petals and a streaky red in the middle. 

History of Eggs and Bacon Bay

Eggs and Bacon Bay Tasmania
Image source: Lumenatrix

Eggs and Bacon Bay were said to be named after a wildflower called “eggs-and-bacon”. Though, there were popular beliefs that it was named Eggs and Bacon after the 18th-century governor’s wife named Lady Jane Franklin enjoyed Egg and Bacon as breakfast there. The belief was rumored to be untrue after the council consulted the nomenclature expert Wayne Smith.

Things to Do in Eggs And Bacon Bay

Tranquil Point

A getaway cinematic place to unwind. Seven kilometres away from the centre of Eggs and Bacon Bay. The tranquil point has a welcoming atmosphere that can help you to rest and relax. Surrounded by nature that could help you reconnect to your body and mind. Beautiful views and good ambiance with a wonderful host and a perfect location.

  • Activities you can do in Tranquil point:
  • Picnic
  • Bbq
  • Yoga class
  • Relax on a hammock 
  • kayaking 
  • Spa

Best places to eat and drink at Eggs And Bacon Bay

Ashcraig Farm, Nicholls Rivulet, Huon Valley

Ashcraig Farm is an eight-kilometre ride away from Eggs and Bacon Bay. Here you can taste authentic Thai food and chem-free produce. Offers a variety of fresh seasonal fresh fruits, fresh and tasty vegetables, and healthy seedlings. Grown locally and Harvested with care to ensure customers enjoy fresh and tasty fruit and vegetables from a top Tasmanian market.

Port Cygnet Cannery

Port Cygnet Cannery is a nine-kilometre away ride from Eggs and Bacon Bay. Port Cygnet Cannery is located at Cygnet and is considered the number one pizza of Cygnet. 

Port Cygnet offers and provides flavorsome Australian food and a mouthwatering pizza, mussels, and sausages. Port Cygnet is a beautiful place to enjoy high-quality food and a highly rated service.

Lovett Café

Lovett Cafe is a cafe located in Cygnet which is nine kilometres away from Eggs and Bacon Bay. Lovett Cafe offers food made with love and flavor at a really good price! Offers good and accommodating service where you can select burger specials, such as; homemade tarts, curries, and dahls soups. Lovett Cafe offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods available to cater. 

Accommodation at Eggs And Bacon Bay

Beaupre Cottage

A handcrafted cottage. Themed after Beaupre, an early french hydrographer. Supported with antique collections as decorations. It is an exclusive family accommodation. A 40-acre property where you can enjoy lots of activities, such as; Meditation trails, a Coastal track, Billabongs, Native forest, and abundant wildlife. Spectacular and Exquisite secluded place with 300 meters of sandy beach access in a private bay. Offers farm to plate experience, fishing equipment, kayaks, and bikes to explore. Beaupre Cottage lets you enjoy your stay in a comfortable and feel-at-home vibe. Access to a 2-level 2-bedroom cottage, 2 bathrooms, and. fully equipped kitchen, lounge, and dining area. Also, full breakfast provisions are provided. Activities to enjoy and what to explore:

  • Complimentary Farm tours
  • wildlife night tour (spot pademelons, quolls, bettongs, and more)
  • Abundant birdlife (sea eagles and other raptors) oyster shucking
  • Campfires at the beach
  • Picnic in the vineyard 
  • Extensive park-like gardens
  • Forest and Orchards

Three Beaches- Chic eco home, Tasmania 

An exclusive modern go-to property. A comfortable and welcoming place to relax and rest. Three Beaches provides a feel-at-home type of vibe. It gives you access to the whole house. Coffee/tea time in the common area. Guests can enjoy the fireplace and can use laundry facilities, air conditioning, refrigerators, and televisions, and provides complimentary wireless internet access. Bathrooms and rooms are fully furnished and fully decorated.  Activities to do and enjoy:

  • Massage and spa services 
  • Direct access to the beach
  • Public and private winery tours
  • Bike rentals nearby
  • Whale watching
  • Hiking/biking
  • Mountain biking
  • Cave exploring